Our Mission

The focus and hope of the non-profit organization is to reintegrate the children into their family, or a more permanent foster home.

Lar Mana (Brazil) is officially titled “Lar de Acolhimento e Reitegração Maná,” which roughly translates to “Home of Reception and Reintegration”. Lar Mana (Brazil) operates under a board of directors and is cared for by five staff members: the director, administrative manager, two psychologists, and a social assistant. Each of these individuals is extremely dedicated to their profession. In addition, “house parents” care for the children directly. These caring women ensure that each child is loved and respected. Furthermore, several other organizations support Lar Mana (Brazil). COMCAP is an organization located in Sao Paulo that houses children and adolescents in social vulnerability, and advocates against abuse and sexual exploitation. Lar Mana (Brazil) is also associated with the local city hall in Paulista, in particular the court system.

The facility, which has grown exponentially since its establishment, which now includes an administration building, a church building, a playground, a soccer field, and an amphitheater. The primary building includes three apartments that each house twelve children. In addition, the building includes a library, housing for visitors, and a large dining area. The ultimate focus is the safety of the children, both emotional and physical. Because of this, the complex is surrounded by 400 feet of a secure, seven foot high, cement block wall. The complex is centered on the wellbeing of the children, and the staff is constantly looking for new ways to improve it. 

The children, as custodians of the Court, often have an alarming love deficit, and the caring members of Lar Mana (Brazil) ensure that each child is nurtured a healthy and secure environment. Through love and respect, these children grow into productive individuals, and are incorporated into new home environments. The multi-use complex, motivated staff, and caring volunteers all make Lar Mana (Brazil) an important aspect of the court system in Brazil.